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About Davis Elementary

Leila G. Davis Elementary officially opened its doors as a beautiful and unique new building on April 1, 1980. Throughout the years, Davis Elementary has provided an environment where children can learn and grow. It is a place where friendships develop, and a foundation to tackle future challenges takes root. As a Florida Five Star School and a recipient of the Golden School Award, Leila G. Davis Elementary takes pride in its history of serving children and the community.

Though it is a relatively new school, Davis Elementary is a school of traditions. It has a long tradition of promoting highest student achievement, good discipline and boasting an excellent staff. There are many academic traditions at Davis. The Pride Awards, the Presidential Academic Achievement Awards, The Principal's List and Honor Roll all help to highlight Davis' commitment to academic excellence. An outdoor assembly, the Bear Cub Jamboree, is held to spotlight student achievement. The students, staff, and community come together to honor students who show a commitment to character, hard work, and achievement.

The tradition of community involvement has always been a strong part of the history of Davis' success. Leila G. Davis Elementary has long been a Red Carpet School, due in large part to the thousands of hours each year that volunteers have given to enhance the learning of the children who come through its doors. An active PTA, SAC and Business Partnership program help to provide for the continued success of Davis students. Each year a Newcomers' Coffee and a Volunteer Orientation are held, as well as a large Volunteer Luncheon, to emphasize the important role those community members have at our school.

At Davis, there is also a strong tradition of students giving back to their community. A Thanksgiving custom of collecting food for the Salvation Army and a "Giving Tree" for gifts to families who might not otherwise receive them, have become an important part of the Davis holiday season. Gifted classes used a lesson in following directions to assemble toys to be given away to the needy. Over the years, classes have written letters to servicemen and women stationed in other parts of the world to show their concern and appreciation for the sacrifices these individuals have made.

Donald S. Goddard, the first principal at Leila Davis Elementary, chose the Bear Cub as the school mascot and blue and white as the school colors. Through the years, the cub and colors have become a cherished tradition at Davis. They were worn when our Davis classes won awards at the District's Economics Fair and the "Battle of the Books" competition. They have traveled with the fourth and fifth grade chorus for their yearly appearances at Disney World and for various local presentations. They were worn by Davis students as they participated in the District Math Meets and the Tropicana Speech Contest. The WLGD News Crew proudly represented the Davis colors as they submitted entries at the Education Media Awards taking first place on the District and Regional levels in the News Category two years in a row and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Primary Instructional Category on the District level. During the 1990's, Davis was part of the environmental movement with CARE (Children's Actions for a Renewed Earth). CARE won state and national recognition for its work in environmental education and Russian delegation. Other visitors to the school have included a U.S. Congressman, TV anchors, writers, composers, astronauts, and other notables including Ronald McDonald!

Traditions mean memories. First graders remember their Colonial Crafts Fair at Thanksgiving. Second graders think back on the Musical presentation highlighting famous composers. Third graders recall their experience of dressing in turn of the century costumes and participating in Living History days at Heritage Village. Fourth graders join together to study a hands-on unit of Florida History which includes the making of manatees. The fifth graders look forward to their time at Enterprise Village as they experience the challenges of the workplace.

The Mission of Leila G. Davis Elementary School is to provide a quality education that is nurturing and academically challenging for all students through the unified efforts of the total school community. To meet this challenge, Davis currently offers a pre-kindergarten special needs program and classes for the gifted, speech/language impaired, specific learning disabilities, and educable mentally handicapped. Occupational and physical therapy services are provided. The school also offers a Literary Success Program and an Early Success Program.

In the future, Leila G. Davis hopes to build on its past successes and continue to be part of helping each child achieve their goals.
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